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Extend the horizon of your services with White Label PPC

  • Save 50% of your Local Cost.
  • A ready team of 70+ ppc resources. Simply Plug & Play!
  • We customize PPC strategies for your clients.
  • No legal employment liability.
  • No recruitment expenses.
  • Zero Overheads.
  • No long term contracts.

We help you transform your single-service company into a complete service dominion!

Your perfect White Label Partner

  • Increase your profit and lessen costs
  • Low cost Virtual Head Counts
  • We assign a dedicated team for every client
  • You will have dedicated resources working under experienced mentors
  • From campaign planning to management – you can put aside all your worries
  • Expertise in Google AdWords

Google AdWords™ Certified Partner

The Google AdWords Certification is offered only to those companies, who demonstrate proficiency in basic and advanced aspects of AdWords.This certification proves that we are recognized by Google as an online advertising professional.

Your clients will be able to connect with thousandsof businesses that have benefited from our AdWords proficiency, that has made us a distinctive Google AdWords™ certified Partner.

Bing Ads Accreditation

Our track records and success rate with Bing Ads campaigns for all businesses, we have received Microsoft’s Bing Ads Accreditation.

Bing Ads Accreditation ensures that professionals will help you in developing targeted and successful paid-search campaigns on Yahoo/Bing platforms.

Profound Google AdWords Expertise

We have a ready team of 70+ PPC Experts, who are Google AdWords certified professionals with over 8 years of experience in the business. Our entire team goes through a vigorous and hard-driven in-house training to brush up their skills on a regular basis. With the perfect blend of creativity and technical exactitude, we are able to generate effective and successful campaigns for different types of businesses.

Enhance and broaden Your Portfolio with SEM in a blink

  • We will provide you with white label marketing material
  • We will provide you assistance on selling SEM services most favorably
  • We will guide you regarding pricing as well as deal-structuring for multi-location contracts.

White Label Communication

Your clients will always remain your clients. We will not partake in any communication with your clients and the entire communication process will be carried out by the representatives of your company. The White Label communication will take place between the PPC strategist of our company and representatives from yours. We will provide you a White Label report with your brand name every month along with the logo of your company.

Our Proven PPC Methodology

  • 1

    Complete installation and consultancy on Google Analytics

  • 2

    Our plans include call tracking with no extra cost

  • 3

    Keyword Search and Selection along with Ad copy creation

  • 4

    We do biding, reporting and budget pacing

  • 5

    Optimization of Landing Pages along with best agenda for campaign structure

  • 6

    Conversion Tracking (Macro as well as Micro conversion tracking to understand the behavior of users)

  • 7

    Ad Submission

  • 8

    Strategic bid management to improve and increase the ROI

  • 9

    PPC Cost Management

  • 10

    We take advantage of all the new features as per relevance

  • 11

    Campaign Improvement and Modification if required

  • 12


Join hands with WT - Company

to deliver flexible and ground-breaking search engine marketing services that will cater to your clients’ needs!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I outsource communication to WT - Company?

Definitely, you can outsource your communication process to us. We will handle the communication process on behalf of you with your clients. However, the pricing will vary as the work is significant and will take a lot of time. We will choose the ideal communication pattern that will perfectly match with the needs of your client and accordingly will provide you with a custom quote.

Who will handle the communication with the end-client?

The communication process will be handled by a representative from your company and we will not partake in any conversation of yours with the clients. The White Label Communication will take place between the PPC strategist of our company and representatives from yours.

Is there a minimum of accounts required to outsource communication?

Yes! To take over the entire communication process, we will need 50 accounts in order to facilitate White Label Communication. It comprises new email creation with your domain name and pen names, so that it seems like the people of our team is from your company.

How will my accounts be managed?

We have a team of over 70 PPC experts, who are Google AdWords certified professionals. They are hard working and have the complete know-how of the process. All your accounts shall be managed by the PPC team of WT - Company. Individual Google AdWords accounts will be managed by different people within our team and since all of them are qualified as well as have experience, we hardly have the need to involve people from other team.